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Inspired Beer and Handcrafted Design

Close your eyes and remember the last time you felt truly free, suspended in a moment independent of past and future. Evoke a memory, no matter how faded, when the only pressing matters were how hard you were laughing, the cold beer expertly poured just for you, or the songs on the play list. Maybe it’s a road trip you took in college, a lawn chair with a lake view, or finally seeing your favorite band live on a warm summer’s night.

On Tour Brewing Company celebrates life’s understated, casually significant, yet fleeting moments. Each carefully selected element of On Tour’s ambience captures the easy spirit of a simpler time and invites locals and tourists alike to linger, create memories, and sip a wide selection of carefully crafted, distinct beers. Glowing amber lights illuminating the tasting room create a warm, alluring atmosphere passers by will find captivating and magnetic. They will welcome the opportunity to journey inside and leave the world behind for a pint or two.

On Tour’s unique interpretation of the treasured brewery tasting room keeps the charming brewery and barrel rooms at the heart of the space, showcasing them as a major element of the interior. Industrial and natural materials incorporated with modern components symbolize the interplay between our free spirited and serious temperaments. On Tour’s artful, unexpected details will round out this new concept, making it a truly unparalleled experience.

The spirit of On Tour Brewing Company’s inspired beer combined with handcrafted elegant design results in a unique tasting room experience that will secure its place as a leader in Chicago’s emerging craft brewing scene and make it the new “IT” place to be.

Now, let’s go get lost.

Bartender Pouring Beer


Brewery Diagram


On Tour: On Display

Merchandise is how you create an army of followers clamoring to share On Tour with the world. On Tour’s vintage style womens’, mens’ and youth t-shirts, sweatshirts, tanks, and caps will attract tourists and locals and ensure its name is seen throughout urban Chicago.

Mens Tee
Ladies Tee
On Tour Brewing Pint Glasses
On Tour Brewing Growler


Spring Brews


Cream Ale with orange peel
English Special Bitter
American Pale Ale
American Brown Ale
Imperial IPA with juniper berries
Belgium IPA

Summer Brews


Bohemian Pilsner
Cream Ale
Ginger Thai Saison
American Red IPA
Belgium IPA
American Pale Ale
Vienna Lager
Basil Blonde Ale

Fall Brews


Munich Dunkel
American Brown Ale with peaches
American IPA
Dark Saison
American Pale Ale
English Special Bitter
Oatmeal Stout with cinnamon

Winter Brews


Russian Imperial Stout
American Brown Ale
American Red IPA
Imperial IPA
Belgium Dark Strong Ale
Baltic Porter
American Pale Ale
Espresso Cream Ale


Download and review these documents  to find out how we’re going to make On Tour the next big thing.

Business Plan
Profit & Loss
Cash Flow – Pre Opening
Cash Flow – Years 1-3
Operating Agreement
Member Control Agreement
Contribution Agreement

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